Green Fellowship

The Green Fellowship support students advancing social justice and environmental sustainability. The fund supports the advancement of the Sustainable Living and Learning Communities (SLLC). This fellowship is to inspire students to implement a project about the history of social justice and environmental sustainability at UC Davis.

Students will apply by submitting the following by midnight on Friday, May 15, 2020.

1. A project proposal between two and three pages addressing the criteria in the below section and identifying an advisor as a project mentor. Proposals should include:
a. The need being addressed by the project
b. A description of the project
c. Intended positive contributions the project will make, along with how the project will make these contributions.
d. Timeline of the project for the current year.
e. Future plans for sustainability and growth of the project.
2. A letter of recommendation from an advisor who will mentor the student project. Advisor can be either UCD faculty or staff with appropriate expertise to support the proposed project.
3. (Optional) One or more letters in support of the proposal from the SLLC community or communities that will be directly impacted by the project.

Project Criteria:

1. The project should benefit the SLLC and be in relationship to its physical or program resources. SLLC programs are the Student Farm, the Domes and Tri-Coops, Project Compost, Solar Decathlon, and the Design-Lab. Connection of the fellowship work to the programs and space of the SLLC allows for continuity and year after year learning.
2. The project should be designed in a way to have positive impacts for both social justice and environmental sustainability.
3. An interdisciplinary approach to the project is necessary to ensure that the above is adequately addressed.
4. A connection to the UC’s Land Grant mission of serving the community.

Projects must be documented with materials appropriate to support ongoing conversations about the important long-term impacts of UC Davis student-led efforts in the areas of social justice, appropriate technology and environmental sustainability.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Please list any work experience, extracurricular involvement and honors (up to seven).
    • 1. Organization
    • 2. Positions held (if any)
    • 3. Description of activities
    • 4. Dates participated
  2. Project Title
  3. Project Summary: One summary paragraph about what you will do.
  4. Project Description: Describe the need being addressed, work you will do, and plans for future project sustainability.
  5. Project Deliverables: Describe the tangible outcomes from this project
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