Student Emergency Relief Aid Award

Formerly distributed by the We Are Aggie Pride program, this award from the Student Foundation (Aggies Helping Aggies) is meant to cover short-term needs that are not covered by other assistance. Some examples of emergency needs include tuition, rent, food, medical treatment, or other basic necessities that may hamper a student from succeeding academically or graduating. Applications for this award are reviewed by the Aggies Helping Aggies Finance and Allocation Committee, who determine which applicants receive the awards. Please read the “terms and conditions” before applying.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Statement of Need — Justification for Receiving Award
    • A.) Please describe your need in full detail
    • B.) Outline the steps you have taken to meet this need on your own.
    • C.) How will you use the award? Please give us a clear breakdown of how you will be utilizing your requested amount from this grant. Please provide allocated dollar amounts. (i.e. rent- $500, pg&e-$25, medical - $100) *
    • D.) Total Award Amount Requested
  2. Please upload a copy of your MyAwards home page and your awards detail and requirements page.
  3. Acknowledgement: The Aggies Helping Aggies Awards Director consults with our Financial Aid Advisor so that the Student Emergency Relief Aid Award will not negatively impact any current financial aid. Your information will remain strictly confidential. Once your application is received, the Aggies Helping Aggies Award Directors will review the information, and will contact you regarding the outcome. Please allow two weeks from date of submission for a decision to be made. Please note that if awarded, the Student Emergency Relief Aid will first be applied to any outstanding charges on your student account. Any remaining funds will be disbursed directly to you. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact Awards Director at:, subject title: Student Emergency Relief Aid Question.
  4. Help us help others: How did you find out about this award?
  5. Seeing the faces and stories of our award recipients can make a difference to potential donors and award recipients by providing a more personal connection than statistics allow. If awarded, Aggies Helping Aggies may request to use your application in promotional materials, or you may be contacted to participate in a video testimonial. You may decline your application's promotional use by checking no below.
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